A NYC Registered Dietitian Christmas Wishlist

A NYC Registered Dietitian Christmas Wishlist


Christmas is two days away! And if you’re anything like many people I know, you’ve got a list of things to do and limited time and money to do them. Don’t panic! Really. Don’t panic. Here’s my official NYC registered dietitian and personal trainer guide to last-minute holiday shopping. 

  1. Give time. Hiking, ice skating, going to storytelling at the public library, coffee excursions, doing a puzzle together, re-discovering local museums and more are great ways to spend the holidays with the ones you love. The time spent standing in line can be spent with the people who make the holidays matter.sledding
  2. Give memories. So much of the stuff we wrap up and stick under the tree gets shoved in a closet and forgotten. Turning the focus from giving stuff to making memories. Plus, it’s way more sustainable. Consider giving baseball tickets or a city membership to the soccer club. Movie passes and museum passes are a great way to build relationships and memories.
  3. Give tradition. Teach your children, nieces, and friends your favorite family recipes and crafts. Create new traditions! Instead of wrapping gifts in paper or bags (that aren’t eco-friendly or recyclable), use brown paper and write the things you love most about the person. Small things make a big difference.christmas-gifts
  4. Give compassion. Have your kids take charge of a food drive, book drive, or organize a Christmas Caroling expedition in the neighborhood. This teaches compassion and gratitude. It makes a difference in the lives of others and builds community. We could all use a little more of that.
  5. Give learning. When our brains are active, we’re active. Share stories. Read together. Laugh together. Do crosswords. Sign up for a science club, astronomy club, art club, knitting club, or music classes. Find spaces to stretch your mind!
  6. Give health. Treat yourself or someone you love to an appointment with a dietitian or personal trainer in the New Year. Join the local YMCA, indoor pool, or local club – get a family membership. Make activity the gift.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, peaceful holiday and New Year. I’m so excited to share new ideas and information with you in 2020.